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Simple tools to save you money and manage your healthcare.

Everyone deserves a smart way to protect your health – and your wallet – without breaking a sweat. That’s why we do the tricky calculus for you. In minutes we’ll enroll you in your most cost-effective health plan, minimize your taxes and maximize your take-home pay as an independent worker or part-time employee. If that wasn’t enough, our personal advisors will navigate the details for you whenever you need us!
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Stride won’t cost you a dime, and unlocks the free benefits you deserve.

Using Stride is totally free! Plus, we make sure you don’t get exposed to hidden costs from carriers. When you shop for coverage or need care, we'll let you know what you can expect to spend before you ever see a doctor.



Our promise to you



We'll do the dirty work.

With Stride you can go from zero to covered in just 10 minutes. We’ll submit your application directly to the insurance company and handle forms so you don’t have to. Our software eats application forms for lunch!






We take your privacy as seriously as you do.

We’ll never share your data without your permission, and it can never be used to increase the cost of your health plan or embarrass you at dinner parties.







We offer the best price, guaranteed.

You’ll never find a better price elsewhere. We’re authorized to sell plans with every major insurance company in America, and prices are fixed by law. We also estimate tax subsidies conservatively, so you may end up paying less than we quote! (Score!)